The Diabetes Mellitus-Related Problems among Diabetic Elderly

Aghil Habibi, Mahnaz Solhi, Hamid Reza Baradaran


Diabetes mellitus (DM) is one of the main cause of death and disability in the elderly. We aimed to evaluate the diabetes mellitus-related problems in elderly participants attended the diabetes clinic of Ardabil.
In a cross-sectional analytical study, 91 elderly participants were randomly enrolled. Standard Problem Area in Diabetes scale was used. Data were obtained through interview and analyzed using SPSS version 22 by descriptive and analytical methods.
The mean and standard deviation of the Total Problems Related to Diabetes Mellitus was 31.51 ± 15.37. There were significant relationships between Total Problems Related to DM and marital status (P=0.02), the score of depression-related problems and gender (P=0.04) and the score of treatment barriers with the family composition (P=0.009) and marital status (P=0.005). Elderly with further chronic illness have had additional treatment barriers (P=0.02).
Most of the elderly are suffering from various DM-associated problems. They needed to be taken into account in promotion planning sex, family composition, and numbers of chronic diseases.


Elderly, Diabetes Mellitus, Problem Areas in Diabetes

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